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  1. Golden Wing Graphite Paddle
    Golden Wing Graphite Paddle
    $55 each - This durable paddles optimises a combination of Impact Power and Ball Control - USAPA approved Paddle - This paddle is ideal for players of all levels. - It has a Graphite playing surface which is durable & wear proof surface - Has a Polypropylene Honeycomb Core - Ultra cushion perforated 5 1/4" grip - Low profile edge guard
  2. Prana Graphite Paddle - Green
    Prana Graphite Paddle - Green
    $55 each - Graphite surface - Polymore Core - Suits all skill levels
  3. Prana Graphite Paddle - Orange
    Prana Graphite Paddle - Orange
    $55 each - Graphite surface - Polymore Core - Suits all skill levels
  4. Flybold Graphite Paddle
    Flybold Graphite Paddle
    $55 each This is another entry level durable paddle which optimises a combination of Impact Power and Ball Control - This paddle is ideal for players of all levels. - It has a Graphite playing surface which is durable & wear proof surface - Has a Polypropylene Honeycomb Core - Ultra cushion perforated 5 1/4" grip - Low profile edge guard
  5. CurfMaster Paddle
    CurfMaster Paddle
    $55 each - One of the latest USAPA Paddles to be approved - Great entry level paddle - Designed for attack players - Graphite surface - Flat edge - Polymer Honeycomb core - Comfortable cushioned 4 1/4" grip For each of these paddles purchased you can also get Cover for only $5.00
  6. Maple 7 Ply Paddle
    Maple 7 Ply Paddle
    $20 Ideal for beginners or Club situations - White Maple - 7 ply - Weight 270 to 290 grams - Robust & brilliant as an entry level paddle
  7. Wooden Pickleball Set
    Wooden Pickleball Set
    $45.00 per set - 2 x Maple Paddles - 1 x Jug Indoor Wiffle Ball - 1 x Outdoor Wiffle Ball
  8. Champion Polypro Paddle
    Champion Polypro Paddle
    $90.00 each This Paddle has a polymer core to allow players to manipulate pickleballs and place them where needed. It features balanced specs that makes it a great choice for individuals regardless of play style or experience level. The Champion PolyPro Paddle has a medium-sized grip with a 5” long handle, which will provide enough space to maintain a firm grip without throwing off its balance. The weight ranges from 7.5 – 7.9 oz, offering quick reaction times with just enough heft to give your shots extra power. A 7-3/4” wide face is made from reinforced fiberglass that will hold up to extended play despite its gentle feel. Available in Blue or Purple
  9. Carbon Paddle
    Carbon Paddle
    $55 - Carbon Surface - Honeycomb Core - Rubber Edge Guard - Weight 240 to 280 grams Add your product description here
  10. Carbon Pickleball Set
    Carbon Pickleball Set
    $118 - 2 x Carbon Paddle - 1 x Jug Indoor Wiffle Ball - 1 x Outdoor Wiffle Ball
  11. Mini Paddle For Little Ones $39
    Mini Paddle For Little Ones $39
    - Miniture version of the adult Selkirk 200p Paddle - Polymer Honeycomb Core - Measures 7 3/4" long x 4 1/4" wide - Comes in 4 Colours blue, red, green & pink - 2" long handle & a petite 3" grip - Comes with 4cm pickleball
  12. Champion Eclipse Graphite 4-Pack Bundle
    Champion Eclipse Graphite 4-Pack Bundle
    SPECIAL $375.00 (Normal Price $455) This Bundle lets you supply enough players with gear to start playing pickleball doubles if you already have a place to play. It comes with 4 Champion Eclipse Paddles which have a sleek look and play even smoother. The graphite face gives them a pleasantly responsive feel as the polymer core adds durability and strength. They have small grips so they can fit in the hands of any player. This Pack also comes with 4 outdoor pickleballs, 4 paddle covers and a duffel bag to store all of your equipment. The pickleballs are USAPA-approved so you'll be ready to tackle tournaments if you eventually want to get competitive. They have a solid construction that will last for many games, while the covers will ensure your paddles stay in top condition when not in use. This pack allows you to reliably improve your pickleball skills while enjoying the game with friends.
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BALLS - Indoor and Outdoor
  1. Dura Fast 40 - Outdoor Ball
    Dura Fast 40 - Outdoor Ball
    $24.00 - Set of 4 The ball used at the US OPEN Pickleball Championships and USAPA Nationals Tournament. These are the most popular outdoor pickleballs, and it's not difficult to figure out why. The hard plasticity and responsiveness of this ball makes it a favourite.
  2. Outdoor Wiffle Balls
    Outdoor Wiffle Balls
    $16.00 - Set of 4 - Weights 28 to 29 grams - Bounce of 90 cm - 26 Holes Add your product description here
  3. NEW - Onix Fuse G2 Outdoor
    NEW - Onix Fuse G2 Outdoor
    $28.50 for Set of 3 - USAPA approved for tournament play - Optimal bounce height - Consistent flight - Resists wind interference for awesome play all day
  4. NEW - Onix Fuse Indoor
    NEW - Onix Fuse Indoor
    $28.50 for Set of 3 - USAPA Approved - Durable - Exceptional seam welding - Balanced balls are strategically aligned - Precision-drilled holes - Larger hole pattern creating less bounce off of indoor courts
  5. Dura Fast 40 - Indoor  Big HoleBall
    Dura Fast 40 - Indoor Big HoleBall
    $24.00 Set of 4 This Ball is identical to the customer-favourite Dura Outdoor ball, except the size of the holes are larger making the ball a little lighter than the outdoor version. This indoor ball is made with the same smooth, hard plastic as their outdoor counterpart. It is seamless, and created with a one-piece construction mold. Once the balls are cooled, the holes are drilled out. The Dura Big Hole Indoor ball has a 2.9375” diameter and weighs in at 0.92 ounces. This ball has a good average bounce height of 31”.
  1. Neoprene Paddles Cover
    Neoprene Paddles Cover
    $7.50 Keep your paddle protected from scratches with an extra layer of protection. Generously sized to fit almost any paddle on the market. Side zipper.
  2. Fanatic Sports Bag
    Fanatic Sports Bag
    $38.00 All the carrying space you could need! This multi-purpose bag is great for carrying everything required for a game and then some. It has comfortable fabric-wrapped handles at the top with a full zip closure. On the side is a smaller compartment opening, ideal for stashing sports shoes or balls. The Pickleball Fanatic Duffel has one fabric/drawstring and one mesh pocket on the front for holding a water bottle. There is also a smaller zipped front pocket which shows a pickleball and the words “Pickleball Fanatic” below. The bag is fairly large with a length of 18 inches x 10 wide. The body of the bag is black with color accent of your choice. Available in Green & Blue
  3. Fanatic Sling Bag
    Fanatic Sling Bag
    $27.50 This is a great-looking and portable choice for players on the go. This light weight bag is a fantastic find and can hold around 4 paddles and 3+ balls to get a game going. There are two outer pouches, one with Velcro and one that’s mesh (perfect for a water bottle), along with a built-in pouch which can hold a phone or music player. It comes in several colors with black detailing along the top and shoulder strap. "Pickleball Fanatic" is displayed under the top zipper. The Pickleball Fanatic Sling Bag is an affordable option to carry your pickleball gear in style. Available in the following colors: blue, green
  4. Game On Slig Bag
    Game On Slig Bag
    $25.00 This great roomy sling bag will carry every thing you need to play a great game of Pickleball
  1. Portable Net System $275
    Portable Net System $275
    This is an unbranded high-end portable net system - high-quality framing, net and carrying bag. It is made with powder-coated steel framing coloured Grey and a seemingly unbreakable black nylon net. The net will stay taut at the necessary 34” center height thanks to the Velcro tension system. Sturdy legs are located on either side of the net as well as one in the middle for extra support. Numbered parts make set-up quick – it only takes about 5 minutes. The nylon carrying bag makes transportation and storage a breeze. Suitable for both indoors and outdoor.
  2. EZ Court Lines $75
    EZ Court Lines $75
    These EZ Court Lines are the ultimate temporary court line solution. They are perfect for locations without permanently painted lines or for courts where Court Line Tape isn’t an option. These lines are best used on hard surfaces such as gym floors. They are made of a highlighter yellow vinyl which is smooth on one side and bumpy on the other. The side with the bumps should be laid down on the ground and does its best to grab onto the hard floor. These will not stick to the floor and they can move when stepped on. The EZ Court Line set comes with the bare bones of a pickleball court. They will not create solid, marked boundaries. Instead, they outline the minimum amount needed for a court. This set comes with 12 lines and 4 corners. Each line is 13-1/2” long and 2-7/8” wide; each corner is 11-1/2” long per side and 2-7/8” wide. A package comes with two lines for each outside boundary of the pickleball court, a line to mark the kitchen on either side of the net, a line to split each side of the court in half to show the service center line, and a corner piece for each corner.
  3. Net Only $45
    Net Only $45
    Pickleball Net heavy duty
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  1. Pickleball Fundamentals
    Pickleball Fundamentals
    $45.00 This book is the first book authored by the United States of America Pickleball Association (USAPA). It is also the first novel to be endorsed by this organization. Invaluable information lies within the pages of this book; learn everything from the basics of the game (equipment, rules) to more advanced concepts such as strategies and the intellectual game. This book was written for readers who are beginners to the game or intermediate players wanting to learn new tactics. The 176-page book will keep you engaged from start to finish. The information found within Pickleball Fundamentals spans a vast array of content. Each and every shot is covered, as well as all of the essential skills such as positioning and how to keep the ball under control. Chapters 4 through 9 are each dedicated to a specific shot so readers can develop a solid base for their technique. There are even drills so players can practice what they’re learning.
  2. Car Sticker
    Car Sticker
    Only $5 I Love Pickleball - add it to your Order 28cm x 7.5cm Just what every Pickleballers car needs
  3. Winning Pickleball By Mark Friedenberg
    Winning Pickleball By Mark Friedenberg
    $80.00 each A MUST HAVE. This soft cover 179 page book is an easy read book that will provide you with everything you need to know about Pickleball. It summarises the jargon, the dos and donts, the how toos. - An awesome book for all Pickleballers -
  4. Pickleball Court Construction
    Pickleball Court Construction
    $70.00 This Manual contains 108 pages of information about every scenario surrounding court setup along with details on how to keep your playing area in top condition. If you're looking to protect against unexpected “complications” or just want to make sure you’re putting your court together in the most functional way, this handy guide has got your back. It is ideal for architects, engineers and facility owners—or those who need to ask educated questions of said professionals. This book has been vetted by the USAPA and ASBA (American Sports Builders Association), and covers useful topics such as planning and building a court, fencing, lighting and how to create facilities for adaptive/wheelchair pickleball. The Pickleball Court Construction & Maintenance Manual presents the expert advice you need to build a top quality pickleball court that will serve players for many years.
  5. The Art of Pickleball by Gale Leach
    The Art of Pickleball by Gale Leach
    $50 This 4th edition and contains up-to-date, straightforward and practical pickleball tips. It is chock full of invaluable information for players of all skill levels from just beginning all the way up to national champions. It covers every aspect of pickleball that you can possibly think of, from necessary equipment to mental strength. The 154-page book measures 9” high and 6” wide and is the perfect item to tote around in your pickleball bag for easy reference. Countless photos and diagramsprovide visuals, making it extremely easy to understand. It covers numerous areas of the sport including drills, skills and conditioning. More specifically, chapters include information about rules, equipment, body positioning, doubles and singles strategies, mental and physical fitness, practices, staying safe while playing, and much more. The appendix features the 2010 version of the Official Tournament Rulebook. It is a great reference for any level of player.
  1. Super Cooling Towel
    Super Cooling Towel
    2 for $15 Instant cooling refreshing & breathable. Super absorbent, cooling effect & drys quickly all sports bags should have one.
  2. Microfibre Fast Drying Towel
    Microfibre Fast Drying Towel
    3 for $10 30 x 70cm comes in White, Pick, Blue, Purple, Brown and blue. Every sports bag should have one
  3. Pizzazz Drop Earrings $25
    Pizzazz Drop Earrings $25
    ONLY BLUE AVAILABLE - Silver plated - 10mm in diameter
  4. Pickleball Key Chains $4
    Pickleball Key Chains $4
    4cm plastic pickleball on chain. Great way to mark your pickleball bag. Choose your colour.
  5. 4" Pickleball Spinner Med
    4" Pickleball Spinner Med
    $16.50 each Give your champions a Pickleball medal they will be proud to display. 4", 3D pickleball spinner Available in gold, silver and bronze finishes With the ribbon to indicate 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.
  6. Pickleball Medal
    Pickleball Medal
    $11.00 each Another pickleball medal winners will be proud to display. 2-1/2" tall Available in gold, silver and bronze finishes With the ribbon to indicate 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.
  7. Pickleball Bottle Opener $14.95 (Limited Stoc)
    Pickleball Bottle Opener $14.95 (Limited Stoc)
    Proudly made in the USA, show your love of pickleball! Makes a great gift!
  8. The Lobster Pickleball Machine
    The Lobster Pickleball Machine
    The perfect practice partner, helping you to improve your game with its capacity for random oscillation and speeds of up to 60 mph. Takes up to 135 balls. Email me for further details.
Balls Sets and Single Cover
     $4.50  With NZ Post Urban Nationwide / $6.00  With NZ Post Tracked Urban Only / $8.50  With NZ Post Rural Only
Carry Bag / EX Court Lines
    $6.50  With NZ Post Nationwide / $8.00 With NZ Post Tracked Urban Only / $9.50  With NZ Post Tracked Rural Only
Paddles up to Small Box
     $9.70  Nationwide with Fastway Couriers - Urban Only /  $15.00  Nationwide with Fastway Couriers - Rural
Portable Net System
    $18.00 North Island with Fastway Couriers - Urban Only /  $30.00 South Island with Fastway Couriers / additional $5 for Rural
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